Who is your Left Tackle?

Going to the first Cowboys home game has once again proven that football is alive and well here in Texas.

All great quarterbacks play behind great offensive lines. In Dallas, everyone is talking about Doug Free replacing Flozell Adams as left tackle. For those of you who don’t know what that is, in her movie The Blind Side, Sandra Bullock gives a good summary of the importance of the left tackle. It is one of the most important positions on the offensive line because he protects the quarterback’s blind side as quarterback is throwing.

offensive lineQuarterbacks, like most executives and managers, are only as good as those people blocking and tackling for them. Such folks may not make SportsCenter, but they are the reason for the success of the offense. On each of your teams you have your own left tackle, which has your blind spot.

How many managers, including me, really take the time to thank those who make the tackle so the team can put big points on the board?

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