The first blog from ‘London Calling’

Welcome to the first blog from ‘London Calling’ providing a European perspective on SAP HRimplementations at AspireHR. My first venture is purely an introduction to our European company and the work we are doing here.

EuropeAs many of you know, we have several high profile projects at the moment in Europe, including a global implementation of SAP E-Recruiting EhP4 – a fascinating and hugely enjoyable project, laced with some very critical local legal and cultural considerations, which requires focus, understanding, tight management and, above all, robust documentation. From an initial European roll out (The Netherlands, Sweden and UK) we then go on to the US, China, India. Quite a mix as I am sure you’ll appreciate, with a deployment of additional tools such as parsing, job board aggregator and background checking. One of the biggest factors in the success of this project has been the integration between the customer and AspireHR teams – we have worked through issues together and found workable and effective solutions. It’s not always been ‘plain sailing’, of course, but there is a high level of mutual trust and respect which increases with every ‘Go-Live’. Our customer has great plans for the deployment of additional SAP Talent Management solutions and we look forward to assisting them with their goals.

Tune in next month to ‘London Calling’ and I’ll update you on progress as well as some other perspectives of working ‘Across the Pond’. I hope you enjoy and post me with any comments or questions.

Andy Hodges,
Partner, AspireHR Europe

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