And the Go-Live Award goes to…

Go-Live AwardGo-Lives should be like the Academy Awards. After all, implementations are a lot like putting together a major motion picture. There are lead roles, supporting roles, casting, soundtracks, directors/project managers, and sometimes best costumes. At the end of a project we sometimes give out small awards and have a dinner to say thank you, but sometimes, after those long and complicated projects, it would be nice to get everyone dressed up and be able to thank them on a larger stage. On the other hand, if everyone who worked on the project got an award, we would run long after our scheduled air time.

HR2011An amazing amount of people, effort, and talent goes into each implementation. Drum roll please! The nominees of this year’s successful Go-Lives are BNSF Railroad, Southwest Airlines, Welch Allyn, Galderma, Manhattan Associates, Lyondell, and NCO Group. Although I can’t here highlight each one, stop by our booth (#430) at HR2011 and it would be my pleasure to discuss them with you. If you want to see two of our best for yourself, attend the sessions of Steve Horn and Jennifer Adams

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