March Madness

The thing about March Madness is that once you work out who will triumph over who, you start to see brackets everywhere. Don’t know about dinner? Vacillating between vacation options? Or do you have more pressing, work-related questions like choosing an implementation partner? Rather than making a long list of the competitors and expect the decision to be apparent, put them into a bracket. For the first round, decide which has the better customer service. For the second round, which has the software solutions that will make the implementation go quickly and efficiently? Are the companies you expect to make it through actually winning? The third round brings us to the Sweet 16. Look through project methodology. Without a solid, tested set of best practices and procedures, does that company deserve to place in the Elite 8? The next round is determined by price. Too high and they’re out. Too low and they have either changed your scope, are outsourcing, or don’t have experienced people on the job. The Final 4 is all about people. Do you actually WANT to work with the consultants proposed? Implementations are long and time-intensive. If you don’t enjoy the spending time with the company you hire, the project will seem even longer.

Now the Finals. Your two top competitors. Are they who you thought they would be? Or has that company from Plano, Texas once again made it to the showdown? The final bracket is the culmination of all of your previous deciding factors: customer service, software solutions, project methodology, price, people. Take all of those into account and you’ll notice that one company continually ranks. The buzzer sounds. We’re ready for your call.

About joehillesheim

Founder and President of Aspire HR, Inc.
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