The zombie apocalypse has begun!

In fact, it’s been going on for years now and no one noticed.  The living dead aren’t fast zombies, slow zombies, or even rage zombies.  There was no cataclysmic event or zombie plague.  There wasn’t even an outbreak of cannibalism.  However, the survivors’ stories will chill your blood.

zombieYou see, the modern zombie is a cube-dweller that visits your workplace to work on your SAP HR implementation.  They use urban camouflage to blend in with their surroundings – jackets and blue ties, button downs and pinstripe pants.  They have learned to mimic our speech patterns by parroting technical jargon, but if you listen closely, they don’t actually SAY anything.

They have even changed their feeding habits.  Instead of tasty brains, the infected seek out SAP HR implementations to plunder.  Yes, they are after your budget.  It only takes a single bite from a zombie to infect your entire financial structure.  They convince you that the project is too big for a lone “consultant” to handle – that you should hire more and more and more.  One day you look around and all you see are the vacant stares of the horde siphoning away your vulnerable HR budget.

There are ways to survive zombie attacks.  Complete thorough background checks.  Ask if former clients are survivors or if they have fallen to the infected.  Listen carefully to what your perspective SAP HR partner says – be wary of any that merely repeat or ignore what your project needs.  Find a partner that listens to what you need and is able to guide you towards a safe, apocalypse-free path to Go-Live.  Meet the people you’ll be working with.  If they all share the same look of the living dead, back away quickly.  Your partner should have individuals that are personable, experts in their fields, and capable of existing outside of the hive mind.

Don’t let your project be infected with zombies.  AspireHR has safeguards against hiring the living dead and will help you defend your borders against an outbreak.  Call us now.  Your future could depend on it.

About joehillesheim

Founder and President of Aspire HR, Inc.
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