Lights, Camera, Trans-ACTION!!


What does it do?  Resets the Object Manager settings

Scenario:  When users run such transactions as PA30 and PPPM, they can set filter attributes in the left navigation panel known as the Object Manager.  Once set, the filter in the Object Manager is run each time the transaction is executed until it is changed.  Often, a user will set attributes that might result in long runtimes or locks up the screen.  The fix is to reset the Object Manager settings.  This is the purpose of the program RH_DELETE_OM_USER_SETTINGS.

How to run it:

Important:  This transaction will delete ALL Object Manager settings for all transactions that use an Object Manager.

1.    Execute transaction SE38/SA38 for program RH_DELETE_OM_USER_SETTINGS

2.    Enter the SAP username for whom the settings should be deleted.

3.    Check both boxes.

4.     Click Execute


5.     A message confirming the settings have been deleted will be displayed.


What does it do?  Resets the Spreadsheet download settings

Scenario:  Most SAP reports give the user to download the report into a spreadsheet format using the menu path List > Export > Spreadsheet or by simply clicking the  icon.  The user is then presented with a selection box for the format in which the report should be downloaded:

This prompt will appear each time a report is downloaded to a spreadsheet format unless the user clicks the checkbox next to Always Use Selected Format.  Once this box is checked, the prompt will no longer appear.  For all future downloads, SAP will use whatever setting was made when the checkbox was selected.  The user cannot change this default setting.  If a change is required, then program SALV_BS_ADMIN_MAINTAIN must be executed.

How to run it: 

1.     Execute transaction SE38/SA38 for program SALV_BS_ADMIN_MAINTAIN

2.    Enter criteria as follows:

  • Actions:  Select Delete
  • General Data:

i.    Select Detailed Selection radio button

ii.    Client:  Select client number

iii.    User:  Enter SAP userID for whom settings should be reset

  • ALV Data:  Select ALL (default value)

3.     Click Execute

4.    A list of ALV settings will appear

5.     Click the Delete

6.     Click “Y”

7.    The line will disappear and a message indicating the action was successfully completed will appear at the bottom of the screen:

The user should now receive the prompt for spreadsheet type again.

If you have any suggestions for transactions or programs to feature in Lights, Camera, Trans-ACTION, please send me an e-mail at


Larry Gershman

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