Penny PM tackles Risk

Penny PM started the day “tackling” risks for the Big Bang Project. Penny PM suited up with her helmet and shoulder pads protecting the team by creating a risk mitigation plan.  Penny PM says, “You can never have too much protection or planning ahead!  A risk plan helps to keep us all protected.”

Penny PMToday, as part of the project kick-off Penny PM helped the project team understand the importance of defining potential risks ahead of them.  Penny PM says, “Our Big Bang Project is dependent on the project responsible for converting all contractors into SAP; what are we going to do if this project does not go live or is delayed?  Therefore, I helped the team define a dependency that another project has on the Big Bang Project; if the other project timeline slips then there could  be a risk to the Big Bang project timeline. As a team we defined a risk mitigation which would not require the Big Bang Project team to support contractors in our LSO business processes if they are not in SAP.  The risk was assigned a team owner for monitoring and communication if there was a change to the project timelines.   Penny PM says, “It is important for us to monitor this risk to give the project team time to adjust before it becomes an issue.  Great job everyone!”

To read more about how to create a risk mitigation plan please click on this link:

About Jeanne Mitchell

Associate Partner, AspireHR, A leader with 17 years of Human Capital Management business experience spanning practice management, project management and SAP implementations. Areas of expertise include global HR strategy and delivery, business process design, requirements definition, project management, change management and Shared Services design.
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