SAP LSO and Questionmark Integration

1 Introduction

Even though SAP LSO has a test authoring tool, many organizations use better testing and authoring tools.  Questionmark is one such leading third-party testing and authoring tool.  SAP LSO delivered standard APIs, via proxies, to Questionmark so that customers no longer need to develop custom-built integration.

2 Why Questionmark

Content developers and trainers can use Questionmark to author and schedule exams as well as report on surveys, quizzes and exams.  Questionmark gives detailed analysis of exam results and the pattern the exams are taken by the learners.
SAP Authoring Environment’s Test Author will not provide many features of advanced assessments that are provided by Questionmark. SAP AE Test Author supports only 5 types of questions, browser-based delivery and regular browsers.  Questionmark, on the other hand, supports 22 types of questions, can deliver via multiple mediums and supports secured browsers for certification requirements. Because of this, many organizations who have advance assessments will consider Questionmark and SAP LSO integration.

System Requirements           

  • Sap Learning Solution 3.0 or above with the following SAP Notes implemented:
    1093463, 1087959, 1065834
  • SAP PI/XI, 3.0 with SP15+ or higher.
  • Questionmark 4.3 or above.

4 Integration

Configuring SAP and Questionmark is a two step process:

  • Configuring SAP LSO backend and
  • Configuring the PI interfaces.

4.1. SAP LSO Configuration: In IMG configure the following steps.

1) Training Management -> SAP Learning Solution -> Training Provider -> External Training provider -> Specify External Provider

In the table enter the external provider as Questionmark and assign a table identifier, a number in the 9000 series

2) Training Management -> SAP Learning Solution -> Training Provider -> External Training provider -> Specify External Service

In this step associate above External Provider (Questionmark) specified in previous step with service you wish to support.

 4.2.  SAP PI Configurations:

Below four synchronous interfaces required to configure to integrate SAP and Questionmark.

  • CreateAndScheduleParticipant
  • DeleteScheduleList
  • GetAccessScheduleNotify
  • GetResultListByParticipant

      4.3 Integration Design Objects

4.3.1 Import XI content

Import the EA-HR 600 content into the XI Integration Repository. All interface objects that are mentioned in section 4.2 above are available under name space If ERP system is on EhP2 then import EA-HR 602, and if SAP system is on EhP4 then import EA-HR 604.

4.3.2. Create Questionmark Namespace

Create Questionmark namespace under custom defined software component version. Create all objects that are showed in below picture.

4.3.3. Import QM WSDL

Import the WSDL file provided by QM into external definitions. WSDL file can be found at http://<Questionmark_Servername>/qmwise4/qmwise.asmx?wsdl

 4.3.4. Step by step configuration one interface

Below are the steps for configuring the Create and Schedule Participant interface. Create message type  CreateAndScheduleParticipant Interface Mappings

Source interface comes from EA-HR 602, and target interface comes from the Questionmark WSDL file.

CourseAccessUrlQuery Message Mapping

Create message mapping CourseAccesURLQuery to CourseAccessResponse. Mapping requirements will be provided by Functional Consultant.

 4.4 Integration Configuration Objects  

Create a business object with name Questionmark.

     4.4.1 Receiver communication channel

Create a receiver communication channel SoapReceiver_CreateAndScheduleParticipant with SOAP adaptor.

Target URL is http://Questionmark_servername/qmwise4/qmwise.asmx

SOAP Action is

4.4.2 Create Receiver Determination

4.4.3 Create Interface Determination

4.4.4 Create Receiver Agreement

Configure remaining three interfaces as shown above.

5  Summary

SAP LSO provided standard integration points to Questionmark to integrate SAP and QM.  Below are the steps to preparing for and configuring this integration:

– Configure SAP backend

– Create namespace for Questionmark and import WSDLfile

– Configure message interfaces

– Configure interface maps

– Configure message mappings

– Create Business system for Questionmark

– Create Receiver SOAP communication channels

– Create Receiver Agreements

– Create Interface Determinations

– Create Receiver Agreements

With this integration, the learner can schedule an assessment, delete an assessment, and take a test/assessment from SAP Enterprise LSM Portal. Questionmark sends the test/assessment results back to SAP which are recorded in back end.


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