Tip for mitigating risks during your SAP ERP HCM projects

High Level Risks in an IT Project

Plan Risk Management

Risk is everyone’s responsibility!! This includes:

  • Sponsors
  • Customers
  • All project team members
  • Any and all other stakeholder

Managing risks will help prevent issues and reduce uncertainties

  • Issue reduction and prevention reduces time and money
  • Risk identification should start as soon as the thought of the project is conceived
  • Risk identification continues throughout the lifespan of the project

Risk Management Team

Identify and include key stakeholders from each business team to be included on the Risk Management team

  • Need assistant to monitor risks from all aspects
  • They are the “eyes and ears” for their respective teams

Risk Management Plan

A risk management plan needs to include the following:

  • Risk management team (“who” will be performing this?)
    * i.e., the PM and team leads will be managing and tracking risks
  • Roles and responsibilities (“who” is doing “what”?)
    * i.e., John will be communicating with Marketing for all branding updates
  • Risk category (“where” and “what” is at risk?”)
    * i.e., Technical – QA system is not available for another 3 days
    * i.e., Schedule – Lack of QA system will delay testing for 3 days
  • Risk schedule (“when” will risk management occur?)
    * Weekly review of risk log
  • Risk management methodology (“how” will risk be managed?)
    * Weekly review by risk management team

Escalating Issues

Escalation is a critical tool to be used by project team members to:

  • Help communicate threats to the project outcomes
  • Assign accountability for resolution of threats
  • Aid in mitigation actions for potential risks
  • Resolve issues which the team themselves cannot resolve
    * All project team members are empowered to escalate
    * Escalation needs to be managed
    * Escalation must be documented
    * Escalation needs to be timely
    * Escalation is an issue mitigation process

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