Simple Checklist for a Successful Resume

Simple Checklist for a Successful Resume

Proper format is essential.  Be sure to have a format that is applicable to your industry and keep it concise and consistent. A standard to follow would be to include:

  • your full name at the top with contact information,
  • a one paragraph Summary at the top outlining your career (this Summary is your highlight so make sure it reflects it clearly),
  • Work/Professional Experience starting with most recent and moving backwards,
  • Be sure to include the dates (that includes months with years),
  • Consistent number of bullet points inside each job/assignment you have had throughout the resume,
  • A list of your Training Certificates followed by Education.

You should also:

  • Maintain the same format throughout the entire resume.
  • Be sure to use effective space as well as accuracy of space.
  • Prioritization of dates can be one of the most crucial aspects of the resume.  Do NOT put something in the resume that you cannot backup in a live interview. On the flipside, if you have experience that is cutting edge then be sure to focus on that point. Be sure to accurately reflect your career and past duties and responsibilities.
  • Use the same fonts.  Using different fonts can appear sloppy and unprofessional.
  • Write the resume yourself because you know yourself the best.
  • Make sure the resume is easy to read and follow.  Too many people bold words, use different fonts, sloppy formats, etc.  Such resumes are typically not read in detail because of the unprofessional approach.
  • Try to avoid what I call “kill words,” such as: liaison, helped, assisted with, worked closely, acted as, etc.  What you want is: Designed, Created, Developed, Leading, Building, etc.

If you are a SAP Consultant, for example, just because you know the SAP product doesn’t  mean you can/should submit shoddy resumes. Personally, over the years I have received probably thousands of resumes that were awful and a great percentage of those resumes never made it past my desk…

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