Penny PM targets Issues

Penny PM started the day “targeting” issues for the Big Bang Project. Penny PM suited up with her bow and arrow, protecting the team by sharpshooting issues the team had in front of them.  Penny PM says, “If you manage issues early you will shoot’em down when they’re small, they won’t grow big enough to endanger the project”

After lunch, Penny PM received a 9-1-1 text on her Blackberry from the Data Conversion Team Lead named Chadski. Penny PM knew this must be very important since Chadski would never reach out to her in a frantic mode unless the sky was really falling. So Penny PM called Chadski – “Hey, what’s up?”  Chadski stated that the project team responsible for converting all contractors into SAP just informed him that they were going to be delayed and was unable to give the team the information required to support the contractor LSO data conversion.  Penny PM told Chadski:  “You took the first step of shooting down issues by communicating the problem; let’s pull the team together with the other project to walk through the reason for delay.”

Meanwhile, Chadski entered the issue into the issue tracking database, assigned a team member responsible for issue resolution, listed a due date for resolution, and attached supporting documents.  The two teams met to review the issue and impacts for both teams; through communication and collaboration the teams were able to define a resolution that would bring both teams back together and on track for Go-Live.

Penny PM says, “It is important for us to monitor this issue; good communication empowered the team to hit the bull’s-eye and avoid missing their deadlines. Great job everyone!”

To read more about how to create issue mitigation plan please click on this link:

About Jeanne Mitchell

Associate Partner, AspireHR, A leader with 17 years of Human Capital Management business experience spanning practice management, project management and SAP implementations. Areas of expertise include global HR strategy and delivery, business process design, requirements definition, project management, change management and Shared Services design.
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