5 Tips to Improve Your Career

5 Tips to Improve Your Career

Even after 12 years in the Information Technology industry, I often find myself scratching my head when I don’t see consultants trying to do the little things to advance their careers or their status with their current employer. After speaking with a number of candidates recently, I am perplexed as to why people do not ask for advice from time to time. Consultants too often sit around and wonder…what’s next for me, what should I do etc… Right now in the SAP market
it seems that the HCM field is the hottest space, so what can consultants do to give themselves an edge for what Recruiters often times look for besides buzz words on a resume:

  1. GO THE EXTRA MILE: Do extra work when you have the time and if you don’t have the time, then make time! If you are on the bench, find a way to learn new skillsets. There is always something to do whether or not you think so or not. I guarantee that if you asked your Manager, he/she would have some type of work for you.
  2. BECOME A SME: The biggest way to make yourself advance and be more marketable is to become a Subject Matter Expert. Learn a skill, get certified and master that subject.
  3. SOCIAL NETWORKING: You should find out where to write and publish blogs on IT-related blog sites. You can answer technical questions posted on sites, such as LinkedIn, and can speak at seminars and conventions. This showcases your interests, as well as shows some passion. Often times Managers look to see who is involved in the social networking world and, if the content is detailed enough, it can be the difference you need.
  4. COLLABORATE: Always, always, always continue to ask questions and collaborate with other Subject Matter Experts in the business. Associate yourself with other professional IT experts who are willing to share content. Perhaps something to keep in mind is that consultants who chose not to share content may have something to hide or, even worse, not have anything worthy to share.
  5. COMMITMENT: Last but not least, but likely the most important in my opinion, is to commit yourself to your company. You should completely immerse yourself into your organization. This is a key attribute when I am searching for new candidates. Job-jumping is often frowned upon because it showcases a lack of commitment/dedication. If your company is not a leader in the industry like AspireHR, then you need to call me!!!

Hopefully these simplified tips will help. Remember it’s always a good thing to “improve.” No matter how you improve; it’s always a good thing because these sorts of things can be very attractive to company recruiters.

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Results-oriented, strategic Talent Acquisition executive with an impressive record of streamlining operations, developing and implementing organizational solutions, and applying overall resource management expertise to performance-based and customer-focused organizations.
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