Penny PM Cheers the Team to Success

The last few months Penny PM has kept her team focused on resolving issues and defects effectively by using the issue tracking tool, tracking the progress for each issue and being a cheerleader for open communication. Penny PM says, “A successful leader doesn’t just listen and say thank you for a job well done but demonstrates passion and excitement of a job well done but by being the team cheerleader.”Cheerleader

Penny PM says, “Communication is the soul of a project.  It is important for a project manager to use various styles and methods of communication based on the content, the audience and organizational requirements.” A project manager has to be the cheerleader for the project team by being enthusiastic and vocal when the project is in a green status or a red status. Successful communication in a project environment creates a collaborative environment, informs all levels of the organization on the status of the project and acknowledges and persuades others to communicate effectively as well.

To ensure effective team communication, Penny PM reviews the project team’s Communication Strategy with them. Penny PM notes that, “A communication strategy outlines the processes to ensure constant and effective communication within the team, onsite or remote, key stakeholders and business organizations we support.”  To keep open communication amongst the team, the project team was moved into a open project environment eliminating cubes and offices to promote open collaboration and communication with the project team.

“With the right attitude, communication and collaboration, a team will overcome most situations to succeed since there is a common goal,” Penny PM told the team.  “As your project manager, I will lead the cheer and keep our team spirit high, show enthusiasm when milestones have been completed and communicate our success stories.”

To read more about the importance of project communication please click on this link:’ve-got-here-is-failure-to-communicate/

About Jeanne Mitchell

Associate Partner, AspireHR, A leader with 17 years of Human Capital Management business experience spanning practice management, project management and SAP implementations. Areas of expertise include global HR strategy and delivery, business process design, requirements definition, project management, change management and Shared Services design.
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