Penny PM on the Importance of a Change Control Management Process

Penny PM says, “Team – make sure you have your coats on!  The system is FROZEN so any changes at this point could be a chilly experience.”

Penny PM and the Big Bang Project have been working very hard testing the system, working closely with business and technical processes. A key note to remember during the project’s testing phase is that once the team moves into testing, then the design and build of the system is FROZEN.  However, as we have all experienced in our project life, during various testing cycles the phrase “need a change” often comes up.  Penny PM says, “Changes can arise when a technical program doesn’t work as expected, business requirements were not clearly defined or simply a technical change was missed.  These scenarios happen and when they do, it is of utmost importance to have a Change Control Management Process in place to effectively manage the change.”

Penny PM adds, “A strong Change Control Management process will outline the what, when and who is required for the process. An example would be as follows:

  • Governance Structure and Empowerment of Teams – Who is empowered to make a decision?
  • Change Control Process – What change is required, why is it required and is it approved?
  • Change Control Form and Tracking tool – What should be included on the form, as well as the process for completion and a tool for tracking the request and issue that originated the request.
  • Timeline for the approval – Must define by priority – is it critical, high, medium or low? Priority will define the timeline.
  • Impact of the change – Scope, Budget, Timeline.

Penny PM tells her team, “As the Project Manager, I will help shepherd the change to resolution by following our project Change Control Management Process.  This will support the team and and help our client make the right decisions. By following this process, it will help us bring resolution to the request efficiently and effectively, involving our PMO team and Steering Committee as required.”

In closing, Penny PM says, “As we talked about in our last meeting, with the right attitude, communication and collaboration, a team will overcome most situations successfully.  We should not be scared of a change request, but make sure we have a process to help us manage it. Keep up the good work Big Bang Project Team!”

About Jeanne Mitchell

Associate Partner, AspireHR, A leader with 17 years of Human Capital Management business experience spanning practice management, project management and SAP implementations. Areas of expertise include global HR strategy and delivery, business process design, requirements definition, project management, change management and Shared Services design.
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