SAP isn’t Quantum Physics

Schrödinger’s SAP HR Implementation

I’m intrigued at how often the paradox of Schrodinger’s Cat (typically used to explain the absurdity of quantum mechanics) can be applied to SAP implementations.  Test meInto a sealed box, you place a live cat and a vial of poison.  The poison is set to be released at an unknown time or not at all.  Until the box is opened, the fate of the cat is unknown – it could be dead, it could be alive and, because we cannot determine the status of the cat, for a while it is both. (Further explained if you are interested:

Untested SAP implementations can be the same way.  The data created and/or converted during the project is assumed to be correct, but without testing, it is just that – an assumption.  Are you really willing to take that chance?  As these projects have such high investments, both in finances and in time, this uncertainty is unacceptable and is completely avoidable.  Start with the elements of the experiment/implementation in your favor.  Don’t let your partner put your success in a box.  Insist on expertise,  background, and documented successes.  Keep accurate reports and communicate regularly.  Should the experiment/implementation show signs of error, deal with them immediately so that they don’t develop into larger issues later.  Field test.  There is no reason to end up with uncertainty at Go-Live if you plan ahead, stick to proven methodology, and test your data.

The best way to save Fluffy’s life is to never have put it in jeopardy in the first place.

Wiki on Schrödinger’s cat:’s_cat

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