Configuration to avoid Deactivation of Workflow Event Linkage

When working with workflow you might have noticed that sometimes event linkage can get deactivated. This is can happen when there is an unexpected uncaught exception or error. If it is unmonitored workflow will not get generated after that. Well this can be avoided by doing the following configuration.
Transaction Code : SM30
Table/View : SWFDVEVTY2

Select the workflow template in the receiver type field of the table/view. For example let us consider the workflow template to be WS51900011.


Click on Screen2 or Details.

Change the dropdown for “Behavior Upon Error Feedback” from “System Defaults” to “Do not change linkage”. This will avoid the workflow event linkage from automatically getting deactivated when there are errors or uncaught exceptions.

This change is transportable. Click on Screen5 or Save and a transport prompt will pop-up.
Enjoy deactivation free event linkage in workflow!!!


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