How to setup a HCM Process without a Start Object

Not all HCM processes require Manager or HR Admin to select an employee number before starting the process E.g. Pre-hire. So below are the simple steps to configure a HCM process that manager or HR Admin can initiate without selecting a start object. This start object can be an Employee number, Position, Job etc

Step#1: Configuring HCM Process in the backend

Go to transaction HRASR_DT and select the HCM process. Click on the “Validity Period” node. Set the Start Object Type drop down to “Process without Start Object”. See the below screen shot. This will ensure that users can kickoff this process without selecting any start object (E.g. employee number, position etc)


Step#2: Setup the start process iView on the portal to show “Skip Employee Selection” option

Configuration for this step is also in the backend. This step will ensure that “Start Process for Employee” iView on the portal will display an option to skip the employee selection. This must be enabled so that the Manager/HR Admin can proceed without selecting an employee on the first screen. This is displayed as a checkbox. See below screen shots.


Manager or HR Admin can select this check box and click on “Select Process” button without selecting the employee. Next screen will show all the processes that can be started without a start object.


Go to IMG step “Define Properties of Object Type” under Personnel ManagementàHR Administrative ServicesàConfiguration of Processes and FormsàProcess ConfigurationàSetup ProcessàValidity for Process Start. See below screen shot for IMG path.


Enter Object Type “P”, select check box “Used in ASR” and set the Application Type to “Personnel Administration”. You can do this setup for other object types (E.g. Position etc).


Select the line with object type “P” and double click on the object properties. On this view you can specify the role (Manager, HR Admin etc), Organizational View and most importantly the check box “Is Skip Visible”. Selecting this check box will let the iView on the portal to display the “Skip Employee Selection” check box. See the below screen shot.


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