Infotype Tips & Tricks in SAP

  1. Have you ever wondered if you should delete or delimit infotype records? Never delete a record in SAP – it creates an unexplainable “hole” in the data.  If you make a mistake, consider the following corrective actions based on the severity of the error:
    1)      Fix the incorrect record (infotype) using the Pencil icon.2)   

       Recreate the record by re-running the transaction with the same “start” date.  SAP will try to write over the bad data.3)      Delimit the bad record on one date and then immediately create a new record on the following date. When should you create a new infotype record? The Create icon is used in PA30 when you want to create a new record from a blank infotype.  It is also useful when creating a new dependent record for example.  If an infotype already exists, consider the appropriateness of creating a new record first since SAP will date delimits that record.

    When should you change infotype record?

    Used the change icon when you have made a minor error and you want to correct it.  SAP leaves the dates unchanged.

    When should you copy another infotype record?

    Click the copy icon when you want to copy an existing infotype, delimit the old infotype record and then make minor adjustments to the newly copied record.

    2.   Have you ever thought about what dates I should use in SAP?
    SAP’s rule of thumb is that you record the date an event /activity happened or a relationship started. For example, the Date of Hire date is the date the person starts working for the company.  If a child is born or adopted, the life event data is the date the child is born or the adoption is completed.

    When you have a life event (Birth, Death, Marriage, Hire, Rehire, Terminate etc.), NEVER click the Change button.  The Change button is only used to change small mistakes – not to create or delimit a record.  ALWAYS click the Create button or the  Copy button.

    3.  Have you ever had problems reading the data on my SAP screen – the font is too large?  How do I change the font?
    Simple – click on the Local Layout Icon  in SAP and then select Font from the drop down menu.

    Select the font, font style and font size you want to work with.  Click the OK button when you have selected your fonts.  SAP saves the changes and updates the screens.4. What’s an easy way to select a position in PA40 – Hire Action?

    A problem people have is switching between different search tools in the same field.  When you start a PA40 Hire Action, click on Positions Match Box in the Create Actions infotype screen…You will get either the Search Term Screen (shown below) or the Choose Position screen.1 The Search TermScreen

    In the Search Term screen, click on the tabs and enter what you know about the position (name etc.), otherwise you can/should click on the Structured Search Tab to see the Choose Position window.

    Selecting the Structure Search tab brings up the Choose Position window (shown next).  Drill down into the detail by clicking on the right-pointing  triangles to open up more choices.  Highlight the correct choice and then click the Green Check to select your choice when you find the correct position.2 The Choose Position Screen

    Otherwise, if the Structured Search screen doesn’t appear, click the Structure Search tab and the Choose Position window opens.

    If you don’t want to use the Choose Position window, click the Other Search Help  icon and the Selection of Input Help frame appears.Highlight your choice and press the Enter key.  You can switch back and forth between the different search terms.

    5.  Mass Change Start Date / End Date On OM Objects
    Have you ever needed to change the start date / effective date on an OM objects and their related infotypes? Well, this can be accomplished in a few short steps. You can do it for one object at a time or multiples.

    Navigate to the menu path or use the transaction code RE_RHBEGDA0(New start date)

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