How to Give E-Recruiting a Facelift (Part 2)

In my previous blog entry I detailed how to create component configuration for a WebDynpro application.  Now I will explain how to create application configuration.  Once the application configuration is created we will tie the component configuration to it.

Step 1

In transaction SE80 navigate to the HRRCF_C_STARTPAGE WebDynpro application.  Expand the Web Dynpro Applications folder. 
Right click on the hrrcf_a_startpage_ext_cand application.  From the popup menu, select Create/Change Configuration.  A separate Internet Explorer window will pop up.  This is where the application configuration will be created.


Step 2

In the Application Configuration window enter the name of the application configuration in the Configuration ID text box (please adhere to your company’s naming conventions).  Now click the Create button.


In a separate window (Create Configuration box) enter a description for the new configuration and choose a package.

Step 3

Now it’s time to assign the application configuration to the component configuration (created in part 1).  In the Application Configuration window, in the Structure tab, scroll down to the Roadmap component.  In the Configuration column to the right, select the component configuration and click the Save button.


Step 4

The final step in the process is to activate the Configuration for Start Page BAdI (HRRCF00_DET_APPL_CONFIG_STARTP).  The BAdI can be found in the IMG under the SAP E-Recruiting node.  This step needs to be completed by a developer because it involves inserting a few lines of the code.  The code has the name of the component configuration to call.  Any capable SAP developer should be able to do this with no problems.


As we just saw the look of the SAP E-Recruiting experience can be changed in just a few easy steps.  Thanks to WebDynpro the look and feel of E-Recruiting is now easy to change.  And the best part – there is very little coding involved!

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