Angry Birds – Customer Version

AQMHave you purchased the newest version of Angry Birds-Space($2.99)? I dutifully went and downloaded the latest and greatest version for my kids and immediately began playing. Within 2 hours my kids got a nasty surprise – to continue, you have to pay more (99 Cents) to get the Danger Zone levels which are the challenging ones. Now, sure, the small amount they ask you to pay is more of an inconvenience than a burden, but it did get me thinking.
How many times have you suffered through projects to discover that that not everything was disclosed to you upfront. Finding that your vendor was underbidding what the rest of the bidders feel to be a reasonable number? How can they do the work for that small a number? The answer is – they don’t.

What I’m talking about here are those companies that change order you to death, making what seems like a great deal into a nightmare project. They quote you for the absolute minimum scope and then either upsell or, throughout the lifecycle of the project, drown you in change orders. In the end, the final price of the project often far exceeds those original “reasonable” bids.

The moral to my story is that had I known about AB’s additional level fee before I bought the game, I probably would have been fine with it – because I would have had my expectations set on how much I should expect to spend. Being surprised by your favorite game or by the lowest bidder’s end game is not the way to do business. Instead, work with a Partner is able to set your expectations with a realistic and agreed upon vision of how you want your project to be. Otherwise, you (and your stakeholders) could be in for a nasty surprise.

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