MSS Embedded Org Chart Visualization-Free (Ehp5 with MSS Add-on)

First of all, I would like to stress that all the functionalities/features you see in this blog are free if you already have MSS license (No third party license or development required). Also you can switch off this feature if your users don’t like it, as the visualization business function switch is reversible. Personally I think that this feature provides a better user experience. Even though this org chart visualization was introduced in Ehp5,
there are some new applications that use this new feature in the new MSS Add-on (EA-HR_MSS ) which was released after Ehp5. Ok enough with the details and let’s take a look at the applications with and without this new feature.


  1. Ask your basis to install the Nakisa Embedded Org. Chart add-on “EMBORGCH” and MSS add_on “EA-HR_MSS”.
  2. Activate the Business Function: HCM_PD_UI_1 using transaction SFW5.
  3. Bingo! that’s all you need to do…

MSS WDA Applications:




You can drag and drop employees to compare.


Click the Screen4 to view the hierarchy


HCMPF start process for employees (HCMPF):


Search for an employee:


Start Organizational Process (HCMPF):


Edit Position Details:


Tip: You can turn on/off this new feature even for a user by setting the parameter “PDVIS_OFF” to X.


Start process after switching the visualization feature off:



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