Hey! You! Get Off of My Plan!

When working with SAP, sometimes you run into a problem that you’ve never seen before and wonder where you could have gone wrong after all these years of configuring the system. Here you can see that over age family members that would otherwise be eligible for coverage and other records on Infotype 0021 appear in the list of dependents. There is that red dot that keeps you from actually selecting them for coverage, but still it just doesn’t seem right.

When you look at it in ESS, your worst fears are confirmed! Something is terribly wrong! All the records show up and can be selected for coverage on ESS, but you can see an error that is preventing the user from saving it with an Emergency contact. This error does not show up when you select someone who is too old to be covered as is the case with Older Johnson. Fortunately, you are just testing, and no one has been allowed to cover their over age children without telling you.


After reviewing all of your configuration and swearing that you’ve done everything correctly and learning that even Google doesn’t know what’s up, it’s time to start looking through the OSS notes. Sure enough, a quick search of “dependent ineligible” returns the information that will make your day! There is a program error resulting from the implementation of Michelle’s Law. Now all you need to do is apply the note and go on your merry way.
Could it really be that simple? The short answer is “yes”, but let’s take a look at a couple more screenshots just to make sure. Here you can see the same screens after the note has been applied. From the backend through the benefits enrollment transaction you can see that the two records that were there before are now gone.


Here again you can see how it looks as it would appear for the employee. You can see that the emergency contact is gone and our over aged child Older Johnson is no longer there.

Hopefully, you stumbled upon this blog before spending too much time scouring the web for a solution to your problem. If not, it’s time to crack open a Shasta and enjoy that feeling you get when you solve a problem that’s been the bane of your existence for hours (or even days).

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