Generating URL for External Candidates

There are instances when external candidates have missing data or have to do an additional step to complete the application or qualify for the position. This need not be a part of the application wizard but can be required for candidates who have made it to the next level of interviewing. One solution to this is to send a link to which they can log in using their candidate credentials and do the required tasks.

SAP provides standard classes and methods for creating the URL in case the application is ABAP WebDynpro.

Name of class: CL_WD_UTILITIES

Name of the method: CONSTRUCT_WD_URL

Input to this method is the application name.

Figure 1

For example, let’s consider the name of the WebDynpro application to be “ZWD_SFLIGHT”.

Figure 2

The output URL for this application is the OUT_ABSOLUTE_URL. This can be embedded in either a SmartForm or any of the correspondence that is sent to the candidate informing them about the next steps.

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