Setting up the New EhP5 LaunchPad

Setting up the new EhP5 ESS LaunchPad

One of the things I found interesting and wanted to share was how to get rid of the standard and start working on my custom version of the role.  Let’s start by creating a Z version or making a copy of the standard LaunchPad.  I just named mine ZESS and added the Personal Profile service to it.

Figure 1

Now we have to go to SE80 to the WebDynpro component FPM_OVP_COMPONENT.

Scroll down to HRESS_A_MENU. Since this new version runs on WD4A we will need to click “Start  Configurator” to make some changes to this component.

Figure 2

The first step is to make a copy of the HRESS_AC_MENU so click the Copy button.

Figure 3

I named mine ZHRESS_AC_MENU.  Continue on to the Component Configuration in the screen below.

Figure 4

At the next screen, let’s perform a “Deep Copy” and make Z versions of the components. It will by default add the _CP_1 to the components names, but you can rename them if you like. By doing this it will allow you to edit the parameters necessary to point to the custom ESS role we created.

Figure 5

In here we are interested in the UIBB (1), which points to the role as you will see in one second after you click the Configure UIBB button.

Figure 6

Here you see the role so change to whatever you named it in the first step of this document and save.

Figure 7

Just one last step needs to be done in the portal on the Overview iView.

Figure 8

You can view this in the portal now and we should see our very own EhP5 ESS role.

Figure 9

SAP has also provided a BADI that you can utilize if you want to remove services this way rather than maintaining multiple roles. You can find more information about that in the IMG by navigating to nodes in the screenshot below.

Figure 10

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