Year-End Reviews from SuccessFactors Sam

Year-End Reviews from SuccessFactors Sam

SuccessFactors Sam describes his experience in completing his year-end reviews with SuccessFactors Performance & Goals.

“So, I just finished my year-end reviews, and WHEW!” said SuccessFactors Sam.  Year-end reviews are a time consuming, yet important process for managers and their team.  SuccessFactors makes this process seem more manageable.

“The first thing I noticed about year-end reviews was that SuccessFactors gives you an estimate of how many more minutes it’s going to take you to finish the review,” said SuccessFactors Sam.  Performance & Goals shows managers a progress meter with the estimated remaining time to completion and the percent they have completed.  SuccessFactors Sam explains, “It’s nice to be able to see where I’m at in the process.”

“I was also able to choose to see the full review form or just see one section at time.  It was handy to have that option, so I didn’t always have to scroll so much,” said SuccessFactors Sam.  Performance & Goals allows the user to choose whether to view the full form versus each section separately with a navigational index to the left.

SamYearEndReviewAnother optional feature of Performance & Goals is that managers can save appointments to their Outlook account directly from the SuccessFactors applications.  Each step in the review process can be saved, so managers can get reminders to do a mid-year assessment, a year-end assessment, and sign off.  “SuccessFactors makes it to where I can’t forget a step in the performance review.  I made sure to add all of the appointments to Outlook,” said SuccessFactors Sam.

Additionally, SuccessFactors Performance & Goals has built-in options for a legal scan, to identify wording that should be reconsidered, and a spell check, to find misspelled mishaps.  “In having to do individual reviews for everyone on my team, the legal scan and spell check really helped me to keep on track.  Those little buttons kept me from making some big mistakes,” said SuccessFactors Sam.

“Then, when I couldn’t quite think of the right thing to say, SuccessFactors gave me the writing assistant.  It’s a great tool that helps you come up with something to say when you’re at a loss for words,” said SuccessFactors Sam.

The Performance & Goals built-in writing assistant helps managers avoid writer’s block with pre-written words of wisdom.  Managers can copy text directly or use the assistant to get some ideas.  Also, all text can be formatted to rich text with color, bold, italics, etc.

“Finally, once I was done with my ratings, I was shown the overall performance summary.  From there, I could add and save objectives for the employee relevant to the review I just finished,” said SuccessFactors Sam.  For added ease of use, managers do not have to click away from the review form to create new objectives for the new year.

About SuccessFactors Sam

SuccessFactors Sam is clever and quirky and works here at AspireHR. He’s super stoked that we implement SuccessFactors and will highlight an aspect of SuccessFactors that he thinks is useful.
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