How to configure and customize the FPM-based ESS Total Compensation Statement (EhP5 and above)

This blog will guide you to setup the STD SAP delivered Total Compensation Statement service for employees to view their total compensation in ESS. I will also explain how to customize this service to change both the form layout and form data retrieval logic. The form itself is designed in Adobe PDF format and it is rendered in WebDynpro for ABAP (WDA) application.

To setup the STD TCS:
1. Use the program FP_TEST_00 to make sure the sample test adobe form is rendered properly.


Make sure you select the output device as LP01 or any other PDF compatible output device and click print preview.


2. Activate the switch to use Adobe PDF form instead of Smartform in the view VERPSOFTSWITCHES


3. Now access the TCS ESS service either via Portal or NWBC. The screenshots below are from NWBC.

5 6

Steps to Customize TCS:
Although there are several IMG/SPRO configuration options available for the employee total compensation statement, some client requirements can be fulfilled only by changing the form layout as well as data retrieval logic. Also, sometimes you have to retrieve the custom form from an archive rather than dynamically generating the form using real time master data.


1. Use Transaction SFP and create a new interface by copying the interface HR_CMP_TCS. Add any other data structure in the interface based on your requirements.


2. Then create a new form by copying the form HR_CMP_TCS and assign the custom interface you created above.


3. After the form layout is ready, we have to embed this custom form in the WDA application and also include the custom data retrieval logic. There are several ways to enhance the STD WDA application and I will explain one of those in this blog. In the FPM-based WDA applications, there is a feeder class for the FPM FORM UIBB and you can either create a new feeder class or insert your custom logic in the std class using the enhancement point.

10 11121314

If you only want to change the form layout, then all you have to do is create a custom form and enter the custom form name in the following IMG/SPRO entry:


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