Social Networking with Jam from SuccessFactors Sam

SuccessFactors Sam describes his experience with Jam, a personalized social networking site for your company:

“So, we’ve recently released our new Jam instance to employees here at AspireHR and I’m finding it is so easy to use,” said SuccessFactors Sam.  “It’s a lot like Facebook and LinkedIn, but you get to share business related content with your coworkers, like posts, videos, discussions, anything!”

sam_jam_300Jam is a social networking tool used by your employees to share a variety of content online with their coworkers.  Users can post links to relevant articles from external sites, record a video, start a discussion, or share an internal document from the company’s SharePoint instance.

SuccessFactors Sam said, “The first thing I did was make a video to give my team a demo of creating goals and completing performance reviews with SuccessFactors Performance & Goals.”

Jam supplies a video creation tool within the application that allows users to create a video without leaving Jam or their browser.  Users have an initial option of recording themselves with a webcam or recording their screen.  Additionally, video content is considerably compressed for exceptional data sizing and storage.  And with mobile capabilities, an employee can record video of a presentation from SuccessConnect and share it with their team, all from their phone.

SuccessFactors Sam says, “I also really like Jam’s bookmark tool.”  The bookmark tool with Jam allows users to post links on their profile from any site.

“To start, I drag a button to my browser’s bookmarks bar.  Then, as I’m clicking through external sites, like or, I can find an interesting page and click the Jam bookmark to post it to my profile.  It’s just like Pinterest!” said SuccessFactors Sam.

“Another cool option with Jam is the chat tool,” explained SuccessFactors Sam.  “I can start real-time chat conversations with my coworkers and give the conversation a name.  Any dialog is saved and I can invite new attendees to the conversation as needed.”

An additional feature of Jam is employees groups, which can hold a small number of employees or the entire organization.  Groups are used by employees, managers, and even administrators to share content with a specific group of employees.

SuccessFactors Sam explains, “As an employee, I really appreciate being a member to different groups because it organizes the content that is shared with me.  If I want to find out the latest news from the marketing department, there’s a group for that.”

“As a manager, I created two groups for my team.  There’s a group for discussions where the entire team is allowed to post content.  I also created a group where only I can post, which I use to send out important updates.”


Administrators have the ability to create Auto Groups, which are mandatory employee groups.  The administrator can choose the members of the Auto Group (e.g. all employees, new hires, management) and the members do not have authority to leave.  Auto-Groups can allow only certain or all members to post to the group and are usually used for issuing training materials to new hires or relaying company news to employees.

Jam groups can not only be created for specific groups of employees, but they can be created to allow any employee to join.  SuccessFactors Sam explains, “When I first signed in, I was already a member of our management group, but I really wanted to learn more about SAP Manager Self Service.  So, I performed a search to join our ESS/MSS group and now, I have access to demo videos and blogs from our experts.”

Additionally, Jam can be integrated with your company’s SharePoint account to allow users to share internal documents for training and collaboration purposes.  SuccessFactors Sam says, “I definitely appreciate the integration with SharePoint.  When I need to deliver training materials on HR DataExchange to my team, I can post the technical manual and a PowerPoint deck to Jam and my team can access it.”

About SuccessFactors Sam

SuccessFactors Sam is clever and quirky and works here at AspireHR. He’s super stoked that we implement SuccessFactors and will highlight an aspect of SuccessFactors that he thinks is useful.
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