Interview Central with SuccessFactors Sam

SamInterviewCentral_300SuccessFactors Sam portrays his experience with the Interview Central section of BizX Recruiting as, “a big change from the traditional paper interview process.  Our Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and interview team can now be on the same page figuratively and electronically.”

During the job requisition process in SuccessFactors, the Recruiter is able to easily include qualifications parameters that search submitted resumes that easily eliminate unqualified applicants, thereby immediately reducing the applicant pool to only those that best fit the job.figure1

SuccessFactors Sam particularly likes the candidate profile ability in Recruiting.  “It brings together internal and external data, allowing the company to keep an organized dossier on potential new hires.  No more having to find paper files or wondering who has which record.”

A candidate profile is created within Recruiting when a candidate is qualified to proceed to the interview stage.  At this point, the Recruiter, Hiring Manager, and interview team choose from a list of pre-defined questions.  These questions are crafted to be in step with the overall goals, metrics, and strategies for both the position and the company.  “No more wondering if questions are relevant or legal!”

The interviewers are able to enter their scores for qualification categories like product knowledge, listening, communication, etc. during the actual interview.  These scores are then averaged for easy comparison and collaboration.figure2

Interview Central is also a communication tool.  “Not only can we send emails to candidates, but we can track when information is relayed, like offer letters.  This capability really rounds out the candidate profile into a complete history.”

Interview Central ensures the right person is hired every time and that their experience with the company starts with a positive and professional impression.

Recruiting has positively impacted both the Recruiter and applicant experience by eliminating clicks, improving the look-and-feel of the Careers page and application experience, and reducing application time.  As part of the Recruiting project, AspireHR was able to use its own proprietary software, HR DataExchange, to transfer candidates and employee resumes from the existing SAP system into SuccessFactors en masse.

About SuccessFactors Sam

SuccessFactors Sam is clever and quirky and works here at AspireHR. He’s super stoked that we implement SuccessFactors and will highlight an aspect of SuccessFactors that he thinks is useful.
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