Report Options Available in Standard Reports and SAP Queries: Personnel Administration Entry Screen

1. Introduction
SAP Standard reports and those generated using SAP Query Tools contain a wide range of options that provide flexibility and allow generating client specific version of these reports. These options are usually partially known by the different SAP users which use some of them based on their specific background. These are included in the Report Entry Screens, Reports Layout Tools, Reports Tree creations and others. This article refers to the Personnel Administration (PA) Entry Screen options and will be followed for others related with this topic.

2. Personnel Administration (PA) Reports Entry Screen
The PA Standard Report Entry Screen includes several options for specifying selection criteria for generating a list or results. This screen is delivered also for SAP Queries generated for PA database (PNPCE). Below are its main characteristics (valid for other Entry Screen as well):

  • Selection Screen Structure is similar for all reports in Personnel Administration
  • Includes series of selections fields that are arranged in group boxes according to content
  • Enable to determine which set of data is displayed in the report output
  • Report-specific selection option differ between reports

Below, a Personnel Administration Report Entry Screen and the main options is included:

1Note: Some options as ‘Output Format’ and ‘Org Structure’ are not included in all SAP PA Standard reports

a. Period
Here is selected the data to be displayed based on the records validity (Records Start & End Date):


• Other Period:

  • Data Selection Period: Data selected based on specific Infotypes record validity
  • Persons Selection Period: Personnel Numbers valid for the period defined based on IT 0001 Organizational Assignment.
  • A combination of these options allows covering specific requirements. For instance: IT 0014 records created in September 2013 for Active Employees since 2012.

b. Selection & Further Selection
These are standard selection fields valid for all PA reports based on HCM structures and other frequently used values. Below selection fields displayed in PA by default.

3By selecting 4, additional standard selection fields can be incorporated to the Report Entry Screen.

5c. Program (Report Specific) Selection

In this section, the selection fields are defined as relevant for the specific purpose of the report. Here, also included are those fields defined as selection/entry in reports created by Query tools.


d. Search Helps
By selecting 7 , a variety of options are displayed that can be used for selecting specific employee records based in different Infotypes:


e. Org. Structure
By selecting  9, you can restrict the set of employees to be included in a report to those in a specific organizational units or organizational structure.

10Note: Some reports include only employees from org units selected; others also those from the org. structures under the org units selected.

f. Multiple Selection & Selections Options

For those fields included in Selection and Program (or Report Specific) Selections, Multiple Selection options contains several choices for specifying the values to be included in these report selections fields. See below:


g. Output Format
Several Report Output Formats can be selected in this section. This option is not available in all Standard Reports; it is available in SAP Queries.


h. Variants
All the options mentioned above in this article can be saved in a Report Variant; then, these variants can be selected saving significant time when reports are periodically executed.


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