Ghosts of Projects Past

One of the best things about scary movies is that they almost always seem to have sequels.  The bad guy comes back bigger and more evil with a score to settle.  The ghosts of previous decisions rear their transparent maws and make the hero’s life more difficult.  Like a villain’s return, I’ve decided to resuscitate a blog I wrote a few years ago about project support.  No matter how well you plan for the villain’s come back or to mitigate project risks, it always goes more smoothly with help.

October is the time of year for haunted houses, cold wind, and falling leaves. October is also that time of year when your SAP production system needs updating; all of the ghosts in the machine have been locked up for months and are howling for freedom.

Projects sometimes play out like a good ghost story… at first everything is eerily quiet. And then there is some small bump in the night. You ignore it because everything else is going so well. Until it happens again. This time you do take action and take a deeper look at the problem. Only this time, while you are trying to stop the first error from happening again, a second error appears. You diligently work to resolve both errors but when you look up, you see that these small errors are really just trying to take control and derail your project’s success. Like Katie says in Paranormal Activity, “You haven’t been having any progress, and you’re not in control. It is in control…”

It’s not too late, there are still two months left before Go-Live to pick your scariest issues and call in the Support Exorcists to help. Don’t be dragged down the hallway by that invisible complacency force. Set up a Support network before things get really out of control.

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Founder and President of Aspire HR, Inc.
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