EhP6 Self-Services- Subtype Additions

Many times during the years clients have asked if we could add subtypes for their employee’s Emergency Contacts. The answer is yes, but it took quite a bit of time with the old JAVA framework.

With Netweaver Business Client now it’s a snap. Below are each of the steps, and I did all these steps in about 15 minutes!

Create The Subtypes– Step 1
In the IMG (transaction SPRO) go to Personnel Administration- Personal Data- Addresses- Create Address Types:


Create the subtype for Address (Infotype 6) within the Customer namespace (Z version)


Save your change to a transport.

If you prefer to store this information on infotype 105- Communication, navigate to Personnel Management- Personnel Administration- Communication- Create Communication Types


Create a new subtype in the customer namespace (Z…)


And save your changes to a transport

Next step- make the subtype available in ESS. Navigate to transaction code PTARQ- then select the Customizing figure5 button.

Navigate to Service-specific settings- Personal Information- Personal Profile- Determine Active Subtypes and Make Settings


Create a new entry for your subtype- here is my configuration for subtype Z1 on Infotype 6:


The Usecase refers to the time constraint. A time constraint of 2 (can be gaps) can use the usecase validity period can be set.

And here is my configuration for Infotype 105 subtype ZEM1.


And here’s the updates within Addresses section of the Personal Profile


…and on infotype 105:


Personally I prefer adding these subtypes to infotype 105, but you can do it either way.

Drop me a line if you have any question, or have any other requests.

Thanks! Dave Shanahan
Principal Consultant

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