Understanding the SuccessFactors Compensation Audit

Setting the Scene

While implementing the SuccessFactors Compensation solution for an energy client in Midwest area, CarlaConsultant encountered some key project challenges: The timeline was quite short and the client had no established process for Compensation planning.

As the client learned more about the SuccessFactors system, CarlaConsultant assisted them in adjusting their new compensation process as she moved through the iterations to maximize system functionality.

The Key Requirement

Go-Live was planned for January 27, 2014. The client had exactly three weeks for the entire Compensation process cycle to run through three levels of approvals. Their major concern was the required audit process after the completed Compensation cycle, but before going into Payroll. The client defined ‘audit’ as a planned and documented activity to be performed by the system that will determine, through investigation, examination, or evaluation of the objective evidence, the adequacy and compliance with established procedures or Compensation cycle changes. In addition, they needed the audit from a SOX compliance perspective as well. Based on these requirements, standard ad hoc reports would not meet the client’s core requirements

To address their requirements, we implemented the SuccessFactors audit report (still in beta version) and it made the ongoing job of the Compensation Administration so much easier. The Compensation Administrator is also able to run the report from a manager and/or customizable template standpoint.

This report also made it possible for the Compensation Administrator to make any final changes before the data was sent to the Payroll Department for Compensation increases.

The Solution

SuccessFactors Compensation Audit captures system data every hour and stores it in a Microsoft Excel format for audit activity.

The following data points are captured:

  • Transaction Date
  • User ID/First Name/Last Name
  • Form Title with Manager Name
  • Comp Field ID
  • Old Values/New Values
  • Creation Date/Last Modified
  • Last Modified By

From a Compensation Administrator standpoint, this data is really helpful when auditing a lengthy Compensation cycle. The report was important for post-Go-Live activities as it eliminates the time needed to run ad hoc reports and make comparisons. Instead, it is a readymade report with all the data necessary to address the audit requirements.

Finally, The Audit Report also provides visibility to any proxy user activity that resulted in changes to the Compensation form at any stage during the route map process.

The Plan Compensation Audit report is available as part of the standard SuccessFactors Compensation solution.

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