Utilizing the SF_User Connector to Set Default Organization

Setting the Scene

SuccessFactors recently came out with a great new feature in the custom tile on the learning home page. Content can be added using a rich text editor to create media rich tiles. Admins with experience in web design can switch to code view and enter custom HTML. Admins can further personalize the landing page by creating custom content tiles for specific organizations.

The Problem

Since custom tiles utilize organizations in the LMS, clients without organizations are unable to utilize this feature, as well as the other features that come with organizations. Clients thought they could just have a default organization assigned to their users through the sf_user connecter, but found out that functionality is not in the connector.

The Key Requirement

The clients wanted to find a way to have their users automatically assigned a default organization. Currently with the LMS, you are not able to automatically have a default organization assigned without some customization to the connecter settings. The key requirement AspireHR needed was a user field that everyone was assigned to that used the same value.

For example, we can use ‘domain’ if the client is only going to have one domain in their LMS. We can use multiple values if the client has multiple domains, but it makes the configuration a little more complex and something an Admin would have to manage in case values get updated.

The Solution

AspireHR found a solution by configuring the BizX connector settings. We took advantage of the copy and transform features within the connector settings to build the logic we needed. The client can now import their users into the system with the sf_user connector to Domain A and have the users automatically assigned to Organization A. This is just one sample, as there are other user fields we could have used instead.

The Result

The client now has an automated way to assign a default organization to users through the sf_user connector utilizing an existing profile field. With a default organization assigned they are now able to make use of the new custom tile to personalize the end users landing page.

**AspireHR can also apply the same type of solution for other pain points for clients such as not using up one of their 15 custom fields in BizX to only map a user to a domain. We can use similar logic to assign the appropriate domain to a user utilizing one of the client’s current user fields in their user import.

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