The Art of SAP/SuccessFactors Recruiting

There are studies that suggest that 1 out 5 people who are actively employed are already searching for their next opportunity.  However, what I am finding is that the number is far less for those people who focus on SuccessFactors.

So what does that mean in the recruiting world?  I feel we need to get involved more as a company and have a plan that incorporates more team recruiting and more social media marketing that showcases stories of how the organization is leading the way in the industry.  After all, everyone loves great stories!

Getting your management group involved in the recruiting process is an absolute must!  Not only does management’s involvement show the candidate that there is a company-wide interest in them, but gives the managers a chance to see how the candidate will fit with the personality of the company and the requirements of the job.  At the end of the day, multiple SuccessFactors implementations are being worked on at a time, so it’s of the utmost importance your managers know how candidates will are project manage themselves.

Lots of organizations want people for their work specialty; I want people for what they lack – meaning they want experience with critical skillsets they currently don’t have or cannot get from their employer.  I like to show them a way that I can help them gain that experience.

Successful recruiting can take a LONG time and a lot of relationship building.  The process of creating opportunities for potential talent not only shows the candidate that you have a meaningful role within the organization where they can have a greater impact, the ability to gain leadership, and acquire skills that are dynamic to all involved, but that you will work to find the best fit for that role.

So how do we as Recruiters do this? That’s the million dollar question!  For years, recruiting SAP HCM talent was all about finding resources who needed a change or who needed an opportunity because their current project has come to an end.  Now it’s a much greater challenge because SuccessFactors consultants are on 2-5 projects with no end-date in sight or are candidates who are fully dedicated to multiple clients and so are likely not interested.

Relationship building and patience are probably the two biggest key areas for recruiters. However, some consulting organizations do not connect their resources with value and, again at the end of the day, all employees want to feel connected and to be a true value-add to the organization. That’s why I say give people the opportunity to being a meaningful employee and have the opportunity to have a greater impact on the organization’s successes. That’s what we do at AspireHR!

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