Building and Driving Company Culture

Many organizations are built on principles of Commitment, Missions, Goals, Values and Delivering Value. Building a company culture should have several foundations:

  • Personality & Style
  • Philosophy
  • Preferences & Expectations
  • Understanding & Influence

My company (AspireHR) is a bunch of fun people with world-class experience who are also passionate about delivering world-class results. Our projects can be very challenging, so working with like-minded and fun people is absolutely necessary, so our company culture and our recruiting/hiring process must be on point. This is why, as a recruiter, it’s important for me to look past a candidates’ skills or experience. I try looking for prospects who will thrive inside the company culture that we’ve have spent time building.

The company’s Personality & Style should evolve from the management group and should be key elements in your company culture. I this it is important to recruit to our Personality & Style by trying to attract prospects who align properly with our culture, so that the next hire is a great hire. Finding the right personality can be a challenge. Sometimes it is obvious within a few minutes if someone will be a good fit. Other times, it is the dark horse that proves to be the better candidate.

The company’s Philosophy on corporate culture should be well communicated, help everyone understand what is in place, and create consistency throughout the organization. This way it is a part of their daily work lives. When a candidate is interested in AspireHR, I like to share our vision and examples of how this philosophy forms and defines us. This way it is clearly showcases that we embrace it as employees, as well as why it is important to our corporate identity.

With my role bringing Talent into the Company, it helps when I can have complete transparency with my candidates regarding our Preferences & Expectations around company culture. We discuss key elements such as: work-life balance, flexibility, knowledge sharing, company activities, mentorship etc… If the employee-organization relationship begins with expectations that are clearly defined and understood, the happiness and longevity of that relationship is more assured.

Most company cultures are built so that they welcome change as time moves forward. Even as it evolves, your company culture should maintain its alignment with whatever foundation you have spent time and effort on building. When I speak to candidates, I try to explain how our culture has changed over time and how our people had a hand in that change. This helps tremendously with candidates so they Understand the Influence that our employees have on that culture.

In the end, the best advice I can give for recruiters is to ‘go with your gut.’ If you’re deciding between two candidates and one just has that unexplainable personality edge, I think your choice is made! For candidates, my advice is to be yourself. If you are trying too hard to fit in during the interview rounds, then you may not be happy at that company in the long term. But if you feel that spark of camaraderie, it could be the perfect fit for you!

About kennycreehan

Results-oriented, strategic Talent Acquisition executive with an impressive record of streamlining operations, developing and implementing organizational solutions, and applying overall resource management expertise to performance-based and customer-focused organizations.
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