Change Overview or “BizCard” for ESS Personal Info

In this blog, I will give you the quick and dirty on changing the fields shown in the main ESS Personal Profile “BizCards.” BizCards are the infotype-specific overview cards shown in the main screen.

Our journey begins with a user action and the need for immediate satisfaction.

A user enjoys their first days as a new employee entering and updating their own information in SAP Employee Self Services. A quick glance at their Personal Profile can tell them if they need to submit changes by themselves or to an HR Admin for correction. The BizCards shown in an employee’s Personal Profile provide a quick view for anyone authorized to see their information and find the right information quickly.

The day is bright and new and first time employee lays his eyes on Corbu…

“Hi, I’m D. Day-Lewis and I’m here to enter my ESS emergency contact information as part of my onboarding process as a new hire at AspireHR!” he says talking to only himself and the glowing screen in front of him.

“When I enter my emergency contact info, it’s as easy as pie!” he exclaims.


“There is a C/O (Care Of) Name field for my Emergency Contact.”

The original view in ESS:


Mr. Lewis declares exasperatedly, “Where’s my emergency contact name? I don’t know who lives where!”

Mr. Lewis has multiple Emergency Contacts, some even at the same address but different telephone numbers.

Let’s fix that for Mr. Lewis and all our other valued employees!

Open up the HRESS_CC_PER_OVP Component Configuration in SE80:



Create a Z* Configuration ID and Continue in Change Mode.

Select the OVERVIEW_SCREEN Page ID from the list on the navigation menu:



Select the box for HRESS_CC_PER_OVR_ADDRESS_XX.

Click on the Configuration button (Wrench).


Create a new Transport based on new Customizing for this object.

Scroll down to find the Element column list:


Pick your field out from the list.  In this case, we want NAME2 to show up:


Hit OK…


Enter the fields you need to add to the Overview screen or remove what you don’t. Reorder by moving up and down.


Save customizing!


Check work by logging back into your test user and checking out his Personal Profile Address “BizCard”:


One side effect of this is that the NAME2 (Care Of) field is now showing for ALL Subtypes in the IT0006 BizCard.

Let’s go make a quick table adjustment and hide it from the subtypes we don’t want or need it shown in:

Tcode SM30

Table: V_T588MFPROPC Customer table (V_T588MFPROPS is SAP delivered table).


In this example, NAME2 is hidden from IT0006 Subtype 01 (Permanent Address).


HR: Field Properties:

Version = MOLGA

Subtype = Subtype

Struktur = Screen Structure for Infotype

Field Name = Field Name

Option Tickboxes:

Musseingabe = Mandatory

Ausgabe = Output Field

Unbenutzt = Unused

Save and Add to your BizCard change transport.

Now go back and check out your Personal Info Address BizCard!


Ta Da!

Your work is done for now. Let’s see how Mr. Lewis is doing with his onboarding…

“What a great overview of all my personal information!” he exclaims gratefully.


About Broderick Martin

Senior SAP Basis | NetWeaver Consultant @ AspireHR
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