Creating talent review presentations in SuccessFactors

Creating talent review presentations in SuccessFactors

Did you know that you can use SuccessFactors to create and share talent review presentations that pull live data from within the secure system? You can:

  • Upload a template that includes your company branding or start from scratch and design your own.
  • Choose the type of slide you want from a selection that includes performance potential matrix, Succession org chart, Compensation review, position tile, and more!
  • Interact with select real-time employee data as you present.
  • Securely share a talent review presentation with other decision makers in the organization.

Step 1: Watch this short video by an AspireHR SuccessFactors expert as he steps you through the process.

Step 2: Contact us for more SuccessFactors platform support!

Troy slide



About SuccessFactors Sam

SuccessFactors Sam is clever and quirky and works here at AspireHR. He’s super stoked that we implement SuccessFactors and will highlight an aspect of SuccessFactors that he thinks is useful.
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