SAP Self-Services Without a Portal?

For many years, anyone who implemented SAP Self-Services did so by also implementing the SAP Portal, as well as configuring the services in the ECC system.  This Java-based hardware was a prerequisite for self-services and greatly increased the amount of time it took to get your employee and manager self-services built and released for your employees to use.  Today SAP offers several great alternatives to a Portal.  Let’s take a look at these offerings.

Browser-based Netweaver Business Client (NWBC)

The Netweaver Business Client for browsers is a cost-effective and streamlined tool that allows you to quickly upgrade your existing self-services or, if you haven’t yet implemented ESS/MSS, this technology may be what you are looking for. SAP delivers standard roles for both employees and managers, and implementation is quick, especially if you have someone who knows how to use the Profile Generator.  NWBC-based self-services can be easily released to your corporate intranet or using some other tools you can even release these services to the internet.  NWBC works in almost all browsers as well, which is a big plus.

Let’s take a look at how a self-services role is built in Profile Generator in EhP5, 6, 7, and 8.

Create a role ID in transaction PFCG (like Z_ASPIRE_ESS).  Save the role and go to the Menu tab:


Select Web Dynpro Application and insert the Service name and Application Configuration.

In the below example we have selected the Personal Profile for our new role:


Once the role is saved and activated and assigned to users they now have access to display and update their Personal Data (Infotype 0002), Address (Infotype 0006), Bank Details (Infotype 0009), Family Members (Infotype 0021) and Communication (Infotype 0105) all in one service.

The menu is easily maintained using the Profile Generator, and menus, sub-menus, standard and custom Web Dynpro services as well as links to company/employee documentation are easily added to give your employees a slick and easy to navigate menu. Here is our role with one of the many icons SAP delivers for self-services:


Based on your Enhancement Pack level there are from 25 to 100 delivered Employee Self-Services and 15 to 30 Manager Self-Services ready for you to add to your roles.


This is SAP latest technology for self-services and has the flexibility of working in just about any device including smart phones, tablets, and of course a PC.

As with the Netweaver Business Client for browser, Fiori and its applications are free and delivered ready for you to use. Fiori has an extra set-up for what SAP calls the Gateway Server which adds an abstract layer from your back end ECC system and the services within your roles.

Fiori roles also are created in the Profile Generator, and there is a browser-based application where you complete your Fiori role using a Catalogs and Groups concept.

Here we see a catalog for My Services- Employee and its associated services- similar to what an end user will see when they use the Fiori role:


And here is our Fiori role as an Employee would see it when they log in:


Notice the entire background image is customize-able as well. You can use your company logo, eye catching graphics- whatever you would like to enhance your end user’s experience.

Another big plus- both NWBC and Fiori Self-Services utilize your existing self-services configuration for the services. You just build the roles and assign the services and you are ready to go!

If you would like more information on either of these tools let us know. We at Aspire HR will meet with you and review your current environment and provide a free assessment to get you up and running using the Netweaver Business Client or Fiori for your Self-Services users.

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