Opt for these 5 new Admin opt-in features in the latest release

SuccessFactors operates on a quarterly product update schedule. Taking advantage of the improvements that come within each release can be a daunting process with all the information to sift through.  In the upcoming 1611 release, there are many improvements and enhancements available for you.

New features are provided in two ways:

  • Universal features are enabled automatically as part of a scheduled release and you cannot disable them.
  • Optional features can be enabled when clients are ready to take advantage of their functionality. They are enabled via Admin Tools, Upgrade Center, or by submitting a support case.

We’ve chosen these 5 new pieces of functionality because they don’t necessarily need a partner to implement.  Your Administrator should be able to activate them in the upgrade center.  The only exception is the workflow item.  For this, you may want to reach out for help, as it involves building a workflow from scratch.  Whether it is workflow or any other new feature, we are here to help you.  Give us a call!


  1. Feature: Rehire process: data defaulting from previous employment can be configured

What is it?  In this custom configuration, you can decide per section in a New Hire (Personal Information, Job Information and Compensation Information) whether fields default from existing data in the inactive employee records.

Why do you want it? In the current behavior of EC, when rehiring an employee, the rehire transaction copies data from the previous employment.  Many clients don’t want this as the bulk of the data is overwritten or in need of an update anyway.


  1. Feature: Attachments are enabled for Personal Information

What is it?  In EC, attachments can now be added to more portlets in Employee’s Personal Information: Address, Biographical Information and National ID

Why do you want it? You are sometimes required to store copies of legal documents or certificates to respective portlets.  Before this upgrade, only Job Info and National ID supported attachments. By enabling additional attachments, the employee’s information is updated with the most correct information.

Prerequisites: Appropriate configuration in the Succession Data Model and permission settings.


  1. Feature: Work Permit workflow support

What is it? Clients can now enable workflows for the Work Permit Portlet, which allows the maintenance of work permit data to go through an approval process.

Why do you want it?  This will allow you to let employees maintain their own permit data, but have updates go through an approval process.


  1. User Interface goal plan improvements

What is it? This enhancement includes a series of style and alignment improvements to the goal plan user interface:

  • Cascade Goal and Linking Dialogs (includes “Assign Dialog,” as well for Group Goals)
  • People Selector

Why do you want it?

Better style and alignment offers your employees a greater UI and company branding consistency across the suite, as well as improved readability.


  • UI Version: GM v12
  • Product Editions: Enterprise and SPRAC




  1. New home page

What is it? You can enable the new home page user experience in the Upgrade Center. The existing home page configuration settings are retained and applied to the new home page where possible, but some additional configuration steps may be required. (Refer to your SuccessFactors Home Page Administration Guide for more details).

Why do you want it?  The new UX for SFSF Home Page is built on the FIORI LaunchPad framework and organizes role-based time sensitive information and insights on one personalized start page. From the home page, you can take quick actions and identify areas requiring further analysis.

Prerequisites: Role Based Permission



To learn more about SuccessFactors quarterly updates, please reach out to AspireHR or visit the Customer Community (https://community.successfactors).

We are excited to help you learn how to upgrade, find out more about the newer versions, provide access to recorded information sessions, and offer  webinars presented by our Subject Matter Experts.

About SuccessFactors Sam

SuccessFactors Sam is clever and quirky and works here at AspireHR. He’s super stoked that we implement SuccessFactors and will highlight an aspect of SuccessFactors that he thinks is useful.
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