Introduction to Job Profile Builder

Job Profile Builder is a useful tool when you have several data points to connect when hiring top talent into your organization.  Below we will talk about the different ways Job Profile Builder can enhance your use of SuccessFactors HCM.

What is Job Profile Builder?  This tool is a flexible and intuitive way to build a library of job elements to share with your end users.  SuccessFactors can tie together data at the employee level by using the relationship with Job Code and Job Role, to many other items such as competencies and skills.

The use of Job Families, Job Roles and Job codes allows for continuity within your corporate organization chart.  Job Families allow for Job Roles that are related to be grouped together while the job roles themselves are sets of skills or requirements for the specific job. The job code will match the employee to a vacant position.

Job Families and Job Roles selection screen.
Job Families and Job Roles selection screen.

All this can happen by building Job Profile Templates. Job profile templates allow you to control the format of the content as well as which sections can be viewed internally or externally.  Within these templates, you can build Job Profiles.  Job profiles house specifics information regarding the position.  Items such as certifications, education, job responsibilities and interview questions can be pulled in and saved for future use, allowing for concise and consistent job postings.  For an extra fee, you can have access to the SuccessFactors Skills Library containing over 1,000 skills allowing you to create your own proficiency levels.

Edit Job Description Template screen.
Edit Job Description Template screen.

Job Profile Builder integrates with many other modules which allows for data to be shared across the system.  Integrations with Employee Central, Recruiting, Succession, Career Development Planning and Performance Management allow for consistency with data while you hire, evaluate and develop your employees.

Employee Central integrates with Job Profile Builder by using the Job Code as a link between the employee and the Job Role.   Job Profile Builder can work with position management by linking the employee to a specific position number, tying all the data contained within that position together.

Viewing mapped job codes screen.
Viewing mapped job codes screen.

Career Development integrates with the competencies and skills portion of Job Profile Builder when you use these parts of the job profile.  When the competencies and skills are tied to an employee’s profile Career Pathing can be used along side the Suggested Role information the Career Worksheet.

Career Worksheet screen.
Career Worksheet screen.

Recruiting can also be integrated as well using not only job families, job role and job codes as mentioned above but with job descriptions as well making for complete and uniform job postings using engaging and captivating job descriptions.

Job Description created with Job Profile Builder.
Job Description created with Job Profile Builder.

Job Profile Builder is a great way to tie many modules together to help get your organization on track to hire and keep super stars!  It can be used all the way from attracting and hiring top talent to developing each employee into key players for your company!

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2 Responses to Introduction to Job Profile Builder

  1. David Shanahan says:

    Great detailed introduction on JPB- thank you!

  2. Gabor Pulay says:

    Does someone still remember SAP on-prem Org Management? If you do, blogs like this will make you forget it real fast! Thank you!

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