About AspireHR

AspireHR, the largest boutique firm dedicated to SuccessFactors and SAP HR solutions was started in 1998 by Joe Hillesheim.  He had a vision for a different kind of consulting organization that actually delivered real value for its clients and met its commitments.  Hillesheim had worked as a “Big 5” SAP consultant, saw how clients struggled through the implementation of their projects, and came to the conclusion that there had to be a better way.  He saw an opportunity for a firm that specialized in SAP HR implementations.  So, he struck out on his own, gathered together like-minded consultants who shared his passion for making an impact and founded AspireHR.

Since 1998, AspireHR has established itself as a leader in the HRIT marketplace by providing a wide range of services and software solutions.  Today the AspireHR team is a global service firm and has built an impressive roster of clients by combining cost-effective implementations, an innovative approach to HR technology, and excellent customer service. aspirehr_cloud_logo

The firm has made a significant investment in developing complete packaged software solutions to reduce the project risks and time spent on complex technical development on implementation projects.  Hillesheim saw the tremendous value of this approach for his clients.  Packaged software solutions reduce client hours on projects.  But, more than that, they also radically reduce the risks involved in these efforts.

Today, the company offers a wide range of software solutions addressing a variety of HR technology issues including full legacy historical data conversion.  Beyond software, AspireHR has also revolutionized the models used to deliver implementation services.  Hillesheim envisioned a model where senior HRIT consultants were centralized and were provided with every version of SAP and SuccessFactors used to build client solutions.  This vision evolved into the firm’s Dallas-based support center – DirectLINK™.  DirectLINK allows AspireHR to react quicker to the clients’ needs and has created an environment where clients actively benefit from the latest innovations in HR technology.

Over the years, AspireHR has become a major player in the HCM technology industry.  As the largest SAP partner focused exclusively on the needs of the HR marketplace, the company has demonstrated its ability to bring experience and innovation to its clients.  At the same time, it has built a team of professionals who are able to bring a depth of experience and a wealth of expertise to all of the firm’s endeavors.

Our people are our biggest asset.   We believe that we have created an unmatched team of experts who can address the sophisticated and intricate needs of our client base.  Our approach of doing business ‘the right way’ has resonated with like-minded consultants and enabled us to attract and retain some of the most highly sought after talent in the world and enabled AspireHR to distinguish itself in the industry.

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