Adding Reports Menu on SAP ESS / MSS

SAP’s Employee & Manager Self Service is an extremely powerful tool for organizations. Not only can it provide your people access to intuitive HR user interfaces that have been tailored to both employees and managers, but it can also reduce costs and lower administrative demands on your HR department by making employees and managers more self-sufficient.

Organizations need to further tailor their Self Services to ensure that both employee and managers can not only access the appropriate data, but navigate through the services intuitively. A common request that consultants often gets from clients is the ability to assign specific reports and transactions to their Employee/Manager Self Service users.

For this blog post, in 5 steps, I will guide you on how to create a brand new Reports Menu onto a MSS Role.

Please note that these steps should work regardless of whether you use NWBC or HR Renewal.

Step 1: Via Transaction LPD_CUST, create and Save a New Launchpad.

Create a New Launchpad.

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Field-based permissioning for SuccessFactors Compensation forms

Common challenges you may encounter when manipulating Compensation forms are:

  • managing which fields are hidden, visible, or editable by specific criterion or groups
  • allowing different permission levels per form template
    • For example, hiding the compa-ratio from your managers, but allowing your HR team to view it

Fortunately, these issues are easily resolved by knowing how to change field level permissions levels in the Admin tool.

Watch this brief video tip to learn how to manage who can and cannot see/edit fields in your compensation forms.

Comp permissions graphic

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How to use quotation marks as text delimiters when importing a CSV file

A common challenge you may encounter when importing data into SuccessFactors may stem from text fields that contain extra commas.  Getting this data into your system can be tricky and mistakes can mean that employees with incorrect data fields, like home address, may miss important mailed communications and tax forms.

Fortunately, these problems are easily resolved by knowing how to use quotation marks as text delimiters. Follow this simple tip to learn how to easily format your import files.

View a brief video that will step you through this process.  Please click on the below graphic.

Jan Tips and Trick graphic

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Change Overview or “BizCard” for ESS Personal Info

In this blog, I will give you the quick and dirty on changing the fields shown in the main ESS Personal Profile “BizCards.” BizCards are the infotype-specific overview cards shown in the main screen.

Our journey begins with a user action and the need for immediate satisfaction.

A user enjoys their first days as a new employee entering and updating their own information in SAP Employee Self Services. A quick glance at their Personal Profile can tell them if they need to submit changes by themselves or to an HR Admin for correction. The BizCards shown in an employee’s Personal Profile provide a quick view for anyone authorized to see their information and find the right information quickly.

The day is bright and new and first time employee lays his eyes on Corbu…

“Hi, I’m D. Day-Lewis and I’m here to enter my ESS emergency contact information as part of my onboarding process as a new hire at AspireHR!” he says talking to only himself and the glowing screen in front of him.

“When I enter my emergency contact info, it’s as easy as pie!” he exclaims.

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Uploading a Picklist with Special Characters to SuccessFactors and Viewing a Picklist in Microsoft Excel

If common challenges within your SuccessFactors system stem from configuration errors including:

  • special characters that cause incorrectly uploaded picklists
  • correctly viewing picklists with special characters in Microsoft Excel

These problems are easily resolved by knowing how to upload and view picklists.

To view a short, free video of this fix, please click the graphic below.


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Creating custom help text for SuccessFactors Recruiting

February’s SuccessFactors Tip and Trick of the Month:
Creating custom help text for Recruiting

SuccessFactors Recruiting allows you to create custom help text that can explain information fields to candidates and provide better information to your recruiter.

To view a short, free video of this tip, please click the graphic below.

help text screen 3

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How Long or Short Should My IT Resume Be?

First, let me start by saying that a resume doesn’t have to be a certain number of pages, as there are many variables that are in-play here. With that being said, it is in my opinion that what you did 8 years ago likely should not be as detailed out as what you’re currently doing. Anything after that 8 year mark basically just dilutes your profile with content that is irrelevant to what you are working on today. Resumes that are long don’t make you more impressive.

In our field of Information Technology, the body of the resume will and should vary based on exactly what type of consultant that you are. No matter type of consultant that you are, just keep in mind that the amount of information you put under each project should be a direct reflection of that project and its duration. For example, if you were on a 6 month project, having 3 bullet points is too little and having 20 is too many.

One of the questions I get asked all of the time is: “How should I format my resume?” While I don’t think there is one simple format, there are several ways to go about it and I do believe there are some guidelines to follow. At the end of the day… no Talent Acquisition Managers want to see or read a resume that is 16 pages long.  The same goes for clients. Resumes that are actually super long are super annoying with useless and outdated information…

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