Creating custom help text for SuccessFactors Recruiting

February’s SuccessFactors Tip and Trick of the Month:
Creating custom help text for Recruiting

SuccessFactors Recruiting allows you to create custom help text that can explain information fields to candidates and provide better information to your recruiter.

To view a short, free video of this tip, please click the graphic below.

help text screen 3

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How Long or Short Should My IT Resume Be?

First, let me start by saying that a resume doesn’t have to be a certain number of pages, as there are many variables that are in-play here. With that being said, it is in my opinion that what you did 8 years ago likely should not be as detailed out as what you’re currently doing. Anything after that 8 year mark basically just dilutes your profile with content that is irrelevant to what you are working on today. Resumes that are long don’t make you more impressive.

In our field of Information Technology, the body of the resume will and should vary based on exactly what type of consultant that you are. No matter type of consultant that you are, just keep in mind that the amount of information you put under each project should be a direct reflection of that project and its duration. For example, if you were on a 6 month project, having 3 bullet points is too little and having 20 is too many.

One of the questions I get asked all of the time is: “How should I format my resume?” While I don’t think there is one simple format, there are several ways to go about it and I do believe there are some guidelines to follow. At the end of the day… no Talent Acquisition Managers want to see or read a resume that is 16 pages long.  The same goes for clients. Resumes that are actually super long are super annoying with useless and outdated information…

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Creating custom badges for SuccessFactors Employee Profile in the Admin tool

January’s SuccessFactors Tip and Trick of the Month:
Creating custom badges for Employee Profile in the Admin tool

In SuccessFactors Employee Profile, creating custom badges can be as easy as awarding them!

To view a short, free video of this tip, please click the graphic below.

badges graphic

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Employee Central and Time Off – A Winning Combination

Do you have a challenge in managing Time Off requests from your employees? Do your managers complain that it is difficult to work with your current system because employees can’t see who else on their team might already have approved time off?

SuccessFactors Employee Central system offers some great solutions to these types of challenges. Most Time & Attendance systems are primarily used to capture hours that are worked and the time input needed to correctly pay your employees. Typically, such systems are not very helpful when it comes to managing requests for the various types of time off that your employees may be entitled to take, including Holiday, Vacation, Sick, and other paid time off plans. Allowing employees to see how much time is available to them saves managers and Payroll/HR staff from responding to inquiries like this in systems where visibility into accrued time balances is limited to these two groups.

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Building and Driving Company Culture

Many organizations are built on principles of Commitment, Missions, Goals, Values and Delivering Value. Building a company culture should have several foundations:

  • Personality & Style
  • Philosophy
  • Preferences & Expectations
  • Understanding & Influence

My company (AspireHR) is a bunch of fun people with world-class experience who are also passionate about delivering world-class results. Our projects can be very challenging, so working with like-minded and fun people is absolutely necessary, so our company culture and our recruiting/hiring process must be on point. This is why, as a recruiter, it’s important for me to look past a candidates’ skills or experience. I try looking for prospects who will thrive inside the company culture that we’ve have spent time building.

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How To Set up and Use Position-Based Security

Earlier this year, we did a webinar on SAP HCM security. We received a lot of comments, especially around how to implement Position-based security in your HCM system. Here’s a step by step ‘how-to’ on getting this set up in your system.

Why use Position-based security? It allows you to grant access to a Position and when a new person is placed into that Position, they automatically receive the access contained within the role. Consequently, when the person leaves the position, their access is automatically removed. This is a win-win for your Security team, as well as your Auditors. Many clients use this as a way to automate adding and removing security roles from users. Automating some of the tasks of your security team frees them up for more important work.

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The Art of SAP/SuccessFactors Recruiting

There are studies that suggest that 1 out 5 people who are actively employed are already searching for their next opportunity.  However, what I am finding is that the number is far less for those people who focus on SuccessFactors.

So what does that mean in the recruiting world?  I feel we need to get involved more as a company and have a plan that incorporates more team recruiting and more social media marketing that showcases stories of how the organization is leading the way in the industry.  After all, everyone loves great stories!

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